Coventry in Baveno: The visit of Human Resources Students from The University of Coventry, England

By Christopher Inji – Master in Human Resources and Organization class 2017/2018

On the fourth and fifth of April 2018, ISTUD Business School was privileged to host students from The University of Coventry (Coventry England), for a two day workshop on International Human Resources.
The students of Coventry University, comprising of about 5 masters degree and 12 undergraduate students of Human Resources  joined us in class where we shared our views and understandings of the subject Human Resources. The students were of diverse backgrounds and it was a wonderful experience getting to people from as far away as China.
The first day consisted of lessons and group activities conducted by the Coventry University professors which helped us to understand the commonalities shared in Human Resources across the globe. The students of ISTUD Business School then gave summarized presentations of our Knowledge in Action (KIA) project work. The presentations were carried out in English which made them really intense for some of the Italian students.  The English students were really interested in the various projects and many admitted to learning new things from our presentations.

Day two was a continuation of lectures from the English professors combined with more group activities which enabled us to put our team-working skills to the test and to also interact freely amongst ourselves thereby creating a dynamic, diverse and international environment. We received lessons together which enlightened us to a different point of view that was universally connected to what we have been taught over the last five months. The group work allowed us to become cordial and relaxed around each other and the language barrier ended up not being a barrier at all.
The coming of the students from Coventry was a refreshing event as it provided a unique opportunity to welcome and host different types of guests than the usual and to merge the minds of two completely different types of learning environments. It gave us the opportunity to gauge our common interests as well as our differences not just in the social aspects but also in our approach to the common discipline we all have chosen to be a part of.
Of course we could not host a group of young British students without granting them a chance to let their hair down. So after two days of classroom interactions, we all met at the Lido Beach Club to enjoy some food/drinks, music, dance, laughter and casual conversations.
The overall experience allowed us to meet new people, understand new challenges in Human Resources from another point of view and share ideas and cultural qualities. Thanks to the experience created by ISTUD Business School.

Coventry University and ISTUD  Coventry University and ISTUD Coventry University and ISTUDCoventry University and ISTUD

Christopher Inji

Christopher Inji

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